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Some notes on the Czechoslovak visit to Moscow:

-Those in charge of the Soviet hockey program felt that after two domestic championships the time had come for some international experience. They wanted to improve through learning from stronger competition.

-At the same time the Czechoslovak lesson was not supposed to take on a humiliating scale. In fact the Soviet coaches were basically asked to affirm victory, which they of course refused to do. Therefore the first two games (LTC Praha against the club teams VVS MVO and Dinamo) were played behind closed doors. LTC won both matches (10-1 and 11-7).

-The Soviets filmed the Czechoslovaks while training and while playing. They also examined and measured the Czechoslovak equipment (I don't know what parts of equipment we have to think of here: jerseys, trousers, skates, sticks?) and had copies made within a few days.

-After the first two games the authorities wanted to cancel the remaining matches, claiming they already had the Czechoslovaks on tape and the video footage was enough of a lesson. The coaches however argued that playing the Czechoslovaks was more valuable and insisted on the schedule.

-Prominent names who gained their first international experience against LTC Praha: Arkadi Chernyshev, Anatoli Tarasov, Vsevolod Bobrov, Yevgeni Babich.

-Two referees worked each game: One from the Soviet Union and one from Czechoslovakia. In one of the games the LTC players were so dissatisfied with the Russian referee that they left they ice in protest. It took about 15 minutes to convince them to return from the dressing room. The Soviets on the other hand complained that the Czechoslovak referee had wrongfully disallowed a goal.

-Czechoslovak goalkeeper Bohumil Modrư spoke some Russian and gave the Soviets valuable advice. He made a big impression on Anatoli Tarasov who would later say that Modrư "taught us how to play hockey".

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