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04-24-2013, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by WhalerBlue View Post
The officials were terrible. They made calls that didn't exist, changed calls and didn't make a call only to issue a penalty five minutes after the fact. That call on Carrick was a joke. I am starting to think that the officials, league wide, really don't care about officiating any games in the U.S. Saginaw gets the same crappy calls and officiating. Why is that? Plymouth made a huge comeback only to have this game decided by the officials. I fully expect that the league will want to suspend half of Plymouth as well as our coaches because they let the officials know how bad they really were. On another topic-Stolarz has nearly perfected the art of knocking his net off the moorings. He did it three times last night and he did it in London and a goal was waved off. Plymouth is a pretty good team, but they will never win this series with the type of officiating that has become the norm in this league. Plymouth' only shot at winning this series will be to score 6 or more goals every game. Plymouth is afraid to get physical as they already get bad calls for non existent penalties. London is pretty good in their own right, but they ain't unbeatable. Being a season ticket holder since Plymouth moved out to Beck road, it is disappointing to see this terrible officiating that wreaks of bias. Games like last night make me think about not renewing. I can't stand watching games where the young men playing the game know more about the rules then the referees and linesman put together. That also can be said for some of our loyal fans that know every rule in the OHL book. Coach Vellucci may have to pay a fine after last night. He agrees with the nearly 3000 Plymouth fans that walked away grumbling.
The call on Carrick was a crosscheck..and an easy call for the official to make. The Heard play was a bush league play. A linesman can make a major penalty call..and that is exactly what happened. It was the correct call.
Like I've stated numerous times...If you don't want the officials to make calls that you feel decide the outcome of a hockey game...don't put yourself in the position for those calls to be made.
Plymouth unraveled and it all started on their bench..period. Call me a me whatever you wish..don't care...the bottom line is how you battle adversity makes you a winner. Mettle defines a team.
To squawk and moan every time you feel you've been slighted is the ultimate cop out.

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