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04-24-2013, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
I don't honestly believe he isn't worth 1 mil a year, I just hope that he's game enough to take such a low amount for one or two seasons. Maybe thats what he wants, that would be great.

He left the KHL to try his luck back with the Rangers because he has publicly declared a wish to play in the NHL. He's also stated that the money is not his motivating factor. And if I'm not entirely mistaken he's also stated in interviews that Rangers is the NHL club for him

With that in mind, and judging from the signals the player himself has given I have less than little doubt that he'll accept a low-pay 2 year deal. The only stepping stone is the fact that it needs to be a one-way contract or he is definitely leaving the club. But if he gets a one-way, I am relatively sure that he will stick with the Rangers.

As has been mentioned 500 times by others his size will always be a factor, but one is inclined to adore his "in-your-face-giant-man" attitude since he came back. And it seems the all round opinion is that his game has improved, and is good enough for the rangers (With some exceptions but that is what forums are for).

Hopefully Kreider will be a bit more up to speed next season and will be able to replace Pyatt on his line, alternatively he's moved up with Step-Nash.

He's got a lot to work on, as does all hockey players, but given the same level of trust he's currently getting he could blossom into a 60+ pointer for the rangers next season

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