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04-24-2013, 09:36 AM
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My first post was a semi-rant on Jeff Tambellini - March 2008:
This guy's been given enough playing time of late and really hasn't impressed. He's got the raw tools but seems to never have the puck. With his speed and skill, with all the injuries on this team and half the bridge playing, he should be really showing his stuff and he's certainly not. I think the fact that he's not a "Nolan guy" certainly plays a role in his confidence. I think the same thing happened to Nilsson when he was here. Just as Comeau, Bergenheim and even Collition look really good out there, a guy like Tambellini is invisible.

You put these guys back in Bridgeport for the playoffs and Tambellini will stand out and out-score all of them put together. Weird.
but, more interesting was Dan-o's comment in the same thread:

He should emulate St. Louis' diet: how to get a gigantic ass.


St. Louis style: how to use said gigantic ass.

That said, there aren't many players who succeed in emulating Marty St. Louis or Dino Ciccerelli. It requries a naturally large ass.


good times!

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