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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Here is the order of satisfaction I get from beating various types of people:

1. People who do things to annoy you the whole game - i.e. teabagging, showing every replay, dragging the puck. Luckily these people are usually quite easy to beat. Once you show you know how to forecheck and pressure him, he usually gets flustered and the game ends up being a battle of actual skill instead of playing keep away from the CPU.

2. People who aren't confident enough in their own skills that they have to pick one of the powerhouse teams in the game (Canucks, Kings, Hawks, Pens). I don't mind if that's their "favourite team," but if I see them debating who to pick and they pick one of those teams I try extra hard to beat them.

3. People who try to dangle the whole game and go for only one type of goal. I do respect good RS skills so I don't mind this too much but it's still rewarding when you beat them.
I like when people pick the All Star teams. I enjoy beating them with a random OHL team or Japan.

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