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04-24-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Mione134 View Post
It really makes you think who else is living off our dime, and the govt and whether or not they're just as crazy as these people.

His wife is probably just as brainwashed. Normal girl. Christian. Meets him within a short period of time converts, moves away into his creepy house and has no idea he's planning this? Yeah right. Get me Uncle Ruslan. There's a reason why him and his family stayed away from them all.
If his wife didn't know it was because she didn't want to know.

I can't imagine the shame her family must be feeling right now. Their son-in-law & father of their grandchild murdered 3 people and injured hundreds of others by planning and carrying out a terrorist attack. They & the uncle are the only people connected to this ********* that I have any sympathy for.

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