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04-24-2013, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
BPA is who we take no matter what. Doesn't matter what position they play.

How could you get tire of the Flyers drafting and developing all star centers over the past 10 years like they have? I never worry about a center/forward we take in the draft. Now when we pick a defenseman, I worry. We just can't develop them.

If we do take another center, we have some trading chips as well. Use a position of strength for a position of weakness. Couts and Read maybe could be packaged(I don't want that package used for Yandle though) for a defender. A top notch defender at that. Laughton will probably play the 4th line center next year unless we trade Couts, then he will be our 3rd line center I believe.

You never know what type of players become available in the off-season. Some teams trying to shake it up or up against their internal budget.

Now I am not sure who goes where, but if Nurse is available, the Flyers will take him. They have been on record praising him. And yes I know, they won't publicly trash the player, but why comment on him at all if you aren't saying something positive? They really like him and for the right reason, he is going to be a stud.
What "top notch defender" do you think can be had for Couturier + Read--particularly if you discount Yandle? I just don't see it.

Beyond value, I think it is a mistake. Read and Couturier are basically our two best defensive forwards (you could argue Giroux is in there as well, but he's been overused this year precisely for that reason; moving Couturier and Read would put even more of the PK / defensive-zone burden on him). Trading them for a PMD (which is what we'd obviously need) is going to have a significant impact on our team defense.

EDIT: I've advocated exploring a forward-for-defenseman swap, and I'm not completely opposed to the notion, depending on the pieces--but I don't think we can ship Couturier AND Read out together.

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