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04-24-2013, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Bloumeister View Post
Might be difficult to please everyone if we're gonna play the matchup game. That's gonna be 2 panels to 'shop + text to fit for every avatar. We're gonna have to subcontract them overseas

Best case scenario would be that Yep already has 8-10 Legends to propose, and members submit a pic of the player they want in the avatar with a short tagline.

"#11 2Legit 2Quit" might be hard to fit under a picture of Gallagher. Remember, the pic needs to be good enough that we can recognize the player at a size of 90 X 90 approx, plus the text has to be big enough to be read on a 125 X 125 panel, so keep your catchphrases/taglines/punchlines/jokes short 'n sweet. (Anything Smurfs or Hobbit-related should do just fine )
Cool. Just to be clear, we'll have to match our current Hab to one of 8-10 legends? We'll have to pick these legends wisely if they're each going to apply to multiple players/attributes.

Guess ill wait for the list if legends in that case. I guess "honey badger" would work for gally too.

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