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04-24-2013, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by PhlyerPhanatic View Post
The call on Carrick was a crosscheck..and an easy call for the official to make. The Heard play was a bush league play. A linesman can make a major penalty call..and that is exactly what happened. It was the correct call.
Like I've stated numerous times...If you don't want the officials to make calls that you feel decide the outcome of a hockey game...don't put yourself in the position for those calls to be made.
Plymouth unraveled and it all started on their bench..period. Call me a me whatever you wish..don't care...the bottom line is how you battle adversity makes you a winner. Mettle defines a team.
To squawk and moan every time you feel you've been slighted is the ultimate cop out.
The Carrick call was a joke. That was weak at best. All calls are easy to make if they actually happen as described in the rulebook. The officials did not have a clue what they were or were not going to do about the Heard deal. These two referees have been in too many games that they either made the wrong call, made controversial calls that never existed or let stuff go that should be called only to make a weak call later. Waiting 3 or 4 minutes to make some kind of call is BS. They give the coaches different explanations of the Heard incident. Hunter gets version 1 and Vellucci gets version 2. Then they recant earlier versions to get their explanations straight amongst the officiating crew. You being a Knights fan are going to say what you feel best serves your interest. I am not calling you a Homer, but you and I must not be watching the same games. I hope that Plymouth comes out tonight and hits everything that moves. They didn't last night and have not since Mistele' suspension from the opening game of the playoffs against Sarnia. Fear is a powerful thing. These players should let it all hang out and whatever calls go against them, so be it. If you are going to get a call against you, make it worth your time and make that penalty legitimate. I will tell you that there were some atrocious weak calls and some of those went against London. Plymouth was terrible in the 1st and part of the 2nd. The 3rd was good but not their best. How can these officials not see intentionally knocking the net off the mooring? They don't want to make that call. Why? They have seen it on several occasions last night and in London as well. Do the Hunter' scare them? Do the Hunter' pay them? I don't know on either count, but the officiating consistency is suspicious at best. Referee #35 has been involved in a ton of suspicious calls, controversial calls and this goes back to the start of the season. Not just with Plymouth, but league wide. He makes calls and ignores others and the appearance is that he gives a team an advantage that should not be there. Some would call that bias. What team is not going to have a performance advantage when they get to go on the PP 8, 9, or 12 times a game? Not many in this league. If these officials are some of the best the league has to offer, then this league has big problems. Every series so far has had atleast one game that was terrible in regards to officiating. There is a common factor in those games. You figure it out. I spent many hours looking at the game sheets, box scores and it didn't take me long to figure out that something is amiss. These things that stick out are not just a Plymouth problem. They have effected several teams this year. Too bad it ruins playoff hockey.

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