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04-24-2013, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post

****ing exactly good response, 'Habs need to emulate Pens.' I cannot believe someone posted this here.

Pens Sucked incredibly badly, were the worst of the 67 expansion by far, except for the Seals, who don't count, almost lost their franchise, and then tanked twice to draft the two best NHL players the last 25 years, and Malkin too.

What a muppet. Good response. I ****ing hate the Pens.

In 3 years, their **** time is coming, because there is no way they ever draft two of the best players ever within 10 years again.

When they fold, and they will, I will dance in the street naked, and it will not be pretty.

Re above, I checked again, it was SouthernHab who said we should 'emulate the Pens.' No surprise there.
Dance naked.

I hate the Pens as well. Check the last time they won a Cup and then check the last time we won a Cup.

Then look at the roster they have now minus Malkin and Crosby and tell me which team is better.

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