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04-24-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by MoneyGuy View Post
Kreuger is not the problem, folks. We've gone through coaches here like Rita MacNeil wolfs down sandwiches (too soon?). Seriously, when do the players have to take the responsibility they deserve? I'm not saying that the coaching has been excellent, but 46 games are not enough time to make that decision. You guys would be lousy investors, flipping stocks at the first sign of trouble. I think Ralph needs at least a full season, and if he doesn't have the complementary players he needs to succeed, that's not his fault.
Kreuger several times this year has commented that the "coachable moments" with this team come after losses. Particularly bad losses. If you look through the schedule and parse through the games one sees that there does appear to be a pattern and for instance a 6-0 loss precipitating the clubs best play of the season in subsequent games.

So what we have here is a bunch of players paying attention only when they are desperate and who otherwise are free agents playing as individuals and not even flirting with the idea of playing 60 system minutes/night. They're just too good for that, right...

WE have a few arrogant players who think they are better than they are young and old alike.

Any GM paying attention to this dynamic should be delivering some fire and brimstone missives outright challenging the players commitment and balls and in defence of the coach who in this org has inhabited the walk the plank position.

The players on this club play exactly like players would on a poor team that has had 4 coaches in 5 years. Because they assume, always, that somebody else walks the plank, never them.

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