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04-24-2013, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by PhlyerPhanatic View Post
The call on Carrick was a crosscheck..and an easy call for the official to make. The Heard play was a bush league play. A linesman can make a major penalty call..and that is exactly what happened. It was the correct call.
Like I've stated numerous times...If you don't want the officials to make calls that you feel decide the outcome of a hockey game...don't put yourself in the position for those calls to be made.
Plymouth unraveled and it all started on their bench..period. Call me a me whatever you wish..don't care...the bottom line is how you battle adversity makes you a winner. Mettle defines a team.
To squawk and moan every time you feel you've been slighted is the ultimate cop out.
You're the absolute king of cliche. Why do you view things in a vacuum? Remember these games are played by teenagers. The call on Carrick was a very poor call, there was an exact type of play in the other end a London player did it to a Plymouth player and there was no call. The Heard call isn't exactly how it went if you listen to Vellucci when originally there wasn't a call. It's easy for a fan of the winning team to say this stuff when they get the benefit of every call even in game 2 for a too many men on the ice call when there was only 5 players on the ice. Why do you always defend the officials? These guys have been awful all series, why can't you just go out and admit?

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