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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Behind closed doors. We forget sometimes how important sports supremacy on the ice, field, track or pitch was during the Cold War.
Absolutely. The Soviets (I'm talking about the authorities, not necessarily the coaches and even less the players) always felt the superiority of their 'system' was at stakes in sports. Stalin was in his own league though. When the Soviet Football Team (led by Vsevolod Bobrov!) failed to win the 1952 Olympics, eliminated by Yugoslavia of all countries (Tito had broken with the USSR in 1948), he did not allow the result to be printed in the Newspapers. So angry was he that the football section of the Red Army Cub (then CDKA, later known as CSKA), which had supplied 4 of the 11 players against Yugoslavia, was dissolved altogether. Childishness in one country, undone once Stalin had died.

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
I'd asked earlier about equipment in the early years, through the 50's & into the 60's. Looks like the Russians did indeed have domestic manufacturers, sticks, skates, gloves etc.
Yes, looks like. Still they were glad to get their hands on some Canadian equipment (stick & gloves I seem to remember) once they started paying their visits to North America from 1957 on.

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