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09-10-2006, 08:40 AM
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There are so many sides to this issue. Sadly, these disputes often come down to the biase of a judge or skill of a lawyer rather than what's fair.

Isn't the premise of spousal support something like this : 2 people build a lifestyle. The majority of cases involve starting out with not so much and building assets and a more privileged way of life as time goes on. Since marriage,civil union, common law, whatever, involves teammwork and sacrifice, the asstes become joint. The partners choose that one of their careers take a backseat for the sake of childrearing, available $ for education, etc.

So then if one partner figures it's not working anymore, why should the other's standard of living be affected ? The years of sacrifice come with [and should] a price tag.

Having said that, I don't discount poster's personal experience. People get screwed all the time, I know people who have. I know people that stay in terrible relationships because they can't afford divorce.

For every celebrity being forced to pay a clothing budget of 20 G's a month, there's a poor wretch who worked their butt off to put some hotshot thru medical school only to have him run off with his secretary when the $ came pouring in.

Like I said in the beginning, wouldn't it be great if fairness was applied to every situation ? It isn't though.

Ms.McTeer might be a gold digger, she also might be someone who did without for a long time helping a guy pursue a dream. My point is that it's too easy to assume.

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