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Originally Posted by CaptCrunch View Post
Is it me or the Gazette hockey coverage is a bit wonky? Even if I'm francophone, I tried the 6 months free delivery special a while ago [gotta have that english perspective, right?] and wasn't satisfied at all by the coverage.

I take a look sometimes at the sport sections of the Gazette and the Globe and Mail at coffee shops and I am often amazed on how little they cover hockey when you compare them with La Presse or Le Journal de Montreal...

Some days they might have La Presse-like coverage but more often than not it looks like the Devoir's sport section.

Is there not good pulp english canadian coverage outside of the hockey news?
I'm pretty down on the English print coverage. I get amused by the odd comment about biase in the paper, becuase I find there isn't enough content to have any leaning one way or the other. Hickey does day to day stuff, and while I kind of like the guy, he isn't a plugged in pure hockey guy like Brunet for example. He knows a bit about a lot, but isn't what a hockey mad city needs imo.

Todd's column I'll leave alone because I have such low personal regard for the guy, I ignore him. I like Fisher for his writing style and overview, plus, like it or not, he's part of the history of the team in some ways. He at 80, doesn't travel much and has a limited presence. They do a weekly where are they now, with Dave Stubbs [I believe] that I enjoy, but again, has no relevance to this year's playoff chances.

Being the only English paper, they have no one pushing them, yeah I remeber the Star. I agree with you, the coverage is weak.

Chet, I get the early edition so sometimes I get chopped down accounts of games. I had the impression he wasn't there, obviously I'm wrong. Maybe the later edition had more in depth stuff.

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