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04-24-2013, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
But weren't you trying to push the narrative earlier that Torts is trying to screw Kreider by limiting his time with more talented linemates?

I just dont get that thinking. The blueprint is there THIS SEASON with what happened to JT Miller. That kid made plenty of mistakes, but continued to get icetime because he played balls to the wall every shift. Personally, I think the narrative that Tortorella staples kids to the bench after one mistake is a false one.
I never said Torts is trying to screw Kreider. Honestly I don't even know what Torts is thinking anymore. Like why is Nash out their on any PK when he is one of our worst defensive players by far. I don't thing Torts did it intentionally, but I think a part of Kreider's tentative game play right now is because he doesn't want to make a mistake. He is walking on egg shells out there. He didn't even do anything wrong last night and he got just 3 minutes of ice time. Not every player is going to play balls to the wall like Callahan does. By that thinking and expectation certain players get ice time over others? It was clear as day Miller needed to go back down to CT but stayed longer than he should have continually making mistakes. Why is that? Because he plays balls to the wall? That's no justification. It is obviously late in the season now, but Torts should have sat through the growing pains of Kreider and coached the kid more. Not putting him on buses back and forth between CT and NYC. Did it really make a difference in where this team is going to finish in the standings this year by sending Kreider down because it was shortened season and we didn;t have time to experiment? I don't think so.

RB reiterates what I had discussed yesterday below:
Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Opportunity. Its hard to produce offensively when you're playing with Asham,Powe,Boyle and Pyatt. Last night in the 2nd period,Powe has the puck in the neutral zone. Kreider is open on the left side. Powe totally ignores Kreider. Powe carries the puck into the offensive zone and dumps the puck.

Both of Kreider's goals this season came off passes by Richards. Those were the only two times they were on the ice together. Kreider and Miller played together. They added some speed and energy. Torts doesn't trust them.
Agree completely, 100%. Again not saying Torts has this vendetta against Kreider, but the kid has had his best success playing with far better players than Powe, Asham, Boyle, and Pyatt. All of his goals from the playoffs and this year have come with better players on the ice with him.

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