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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
I understand the stats are similar and that is the point they are trying to make. My point is it is foolish to think this year's GAA with this team is comparable to last year's GAA. It is two different teams. They are playing in a 48 game shortened season. The GAA is great and all but one bounce here, one bounce there; one less heroic save by Lundqvist and this team could be in 10th place after finishing 1st last season. And the point being made by me is the team has seemingly spent much more time in their own end this year than last year. Yes I am saying seemingly so if someone has those stats somewhere provide them. I can handle criticism. From what I have witnessed all year the defensive units are nowhere near as cohesive as they were last season. They don't block shots as a unit anymore. Only some do. They are constantly out of position and chasing pucks. There have been countless times where Nash is in the center of the ice and a centerman or defenseman is sliding out to the point man he is supposed to be covering. And he isn't the only one. Too much running around. When you spend too much time in your own end you can't transition to offense efficiently. You can't get momentum going. You saw it last night late in the 3rd period. Florida kept pinning them and dumping deep. The Rangers couldn't get puck possession for about 1-2 minutes with under 5 minutes to go. That is a lot of time lost during desperation mode.

The defensive 6 in front of Lundqvist are great, but they aren't the problem. The problem lies with in the collapsing strategy that involves the forwards, not the defensemen. Especially the wingers. They allow too much room for the defensemen to keep the puck circulating in their own end. Go back to the WPG game that they lost in WPG. They were allowing Bogosian and Big Buff freelance along the blue line no problem. YOU CAN'T DO THAT WITH THE SHOTS THEY HAVE. We may end up playing Boston in the first round. Are we really going to give Chara that much room. Probably because that's what we have been doing all year. It's stupid. I know it won't change now, there's two games left. The system should've changed 25 games ago.
Using stats and saying "Finito" is oftentimes not going to tell the whole story and the bolded part explains perfectly why simply pointing to GAA does not tell the story. Our team D has taken a step back this year

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