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04-24-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
I can't? You make goaltending sound like the easiest job in the world. First goal is on Hank, because, well, half the rosters on the ice were in front of the goal and it was deflected, but he still should have saved it. Should've? Don't you mean could've? Ok. Nevermind that the pointmen always have a field day in our zone and all our players do is screen our own goaltender. And if our opponents don't deflect it, our players will. One wine bottle to the team this season, I wonder why? Because this happens every frigging game and this collapse strategy is collapsing on itself? No, it must be because of Hank.

The second goal is of course purely Hank's fault. Well sure, it was on a PP, it was scored by an uncontested player - standing all alone right in the slot - on a tip-in shot, on a pass that forced Hank to move laterally, but other than that, my god what a weak goal! He sure was sleepwalking the entire game! He obviously didn't understand how important this game was. Those highlight reel saves he made were just an anomaly.

Calling the 2nd goal a bummer is one thing. Calling it "horrendeus" is ridiculous. Throwing him under the bus like you just did is icing on the cake. Which hyperboles will you have left when he has a truly bad performance? For all it's worth Jonathan, blaming a loss such as this one on the goalie is so... I don't know what. Hyperbolian in itself?

You call me a Lundqvist homer, I call you Rangers fans affected by the Lundqvist syndrome. You've become so spoiled when it comes down to goaltending having that guy between the pipes for so many years, you've lost perspective. "Scott Stajcer makes that save". I will enjoy reading the GDTs the first season after Hank is gone. It'll be 500 pages of goaltending bashing and it'll take a decade before any goaltender is good enough to be able to play in the Garden again without being thrown under the bus by the crowd.
Agreed completely with your comments on the second goal. He was moving to where he anticipated the puck to go, but it was deflected back in the other direction and went through his legs.

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