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04-24-2013, 12:56 PM
Only a 2 year window
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There are plenty of good ideas, but my argument for Breaking Bad was premised on the timing – this year is the final season and it's an historically good show. Plus there's no way we dodge another year of someone else not taking it, whereas the others will keep longer. Hitchcock Presents will be just as good next year, but Breaking Bad won't. No other team's fans are going to take the duck (?) one ever so that will always be available. Django feels stale after a Tarantino one last year. That's just me though.

The avatar would be simple. I can't do it, but it would be simple for someone else who knows how. You take the standard simple Breaking Bad intro logo with the box around the Br and the B, and you make it "Breaking Blues." Just watch this and you'll see:

That is avatar #1. Avatar #2-5 would be four different groupings of players with their names highlighted with different periodic table elements. Four groups of six different names = four different avatars for people to choose as options. I went through and managed to come up with 23 + Hitchcock non-repeating ones, they're listed earlier in the thread. These avatars would be very simple, but totally classic.

Example of Avatar #2: [Picture of David Backes] Text: "Starring David Backes," [Picture of Chris Stewart] Text: "Chris SteWart" ... it just rotates through six guys. If that's too long an avatar, then six groups of four names.

It doesn't have to be super complicated to be a great concept. You watch the reaction if we do this. People will be far more jealous of this one than the duck (?) thingy and/or an above average movie.

Django Unchained was ok, by the way, but it wasn't one of Tarantino's top three films by any means.

Yes, Breaking Bad is on Netflix streaming. The first season took place during the writer's strike and is shortened so you can knock out 7 episodes right quick if you need to catch up.

By the way, 2MM, how far in are you?

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