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04-24-2013, 01:20 PM
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I find it laughable that you're defending guys who are giving a great effort that have no business being in the NHL. Here's some notes for you. Legwand, SK and Spaling were our veteran leaders up front last night. Yes, Spaling. The other 9 forwards have either been tweeners, promising prospects or borderline NHL talents. Forsberg and Watson have futures with this team. Halischuk is trying to make a case for himself but hasn't he had enough time in our lineup to do so, and I like Hali. Butler was a waiver wire pick up. Mueller, Henderson and Mueller are up there in age. Clune is Clune and fills a roll. Smith is an enigma at best at this point. Bong hustles but has hands of stone, which we have plenty of on the roster. So at the end of the day, of the 9 forwards, two have futures with us and the other 7 may latch on or not. Where are the spots for them on next years roster?

It's great that they played hard but they did it against a team that was dressing a similar roster as we were and they were worse than we were, which is hard to imagine. They sat 5 or so veterans last night. We should be up in arms about their tank job. We're actually going out and playing hard but guys playing hard for something that isn't even in their future is laughable. Good for them that they got up for the game but I'd be excited if it was actually guys that have a future with the Preds as opposed to guys who aren't likely to be here in the next 2 years.

So why should I get excited about a team that has youth that is playing hard, that won't be here, that is only hurting our draft position for a guy that will be here for the next 15 years hopefully? Couple that with the lack of effort for most of the season and now the team is bringing it? Call me a bad fan. Call me a fair weather fan. I'm trying to be realistic about the future of the team and if losing means long term success, what's wrong with that? I mean really, we sucked this year, massively. I love the effort some of these guys are showing but to me it's a lot too late. This sort of effort should have been there from the get go, not the last couple of games because young kids are competing for spots that don't exist.

Here's what the roster will look like up front next year.

Fisher, Legwand, Wilson, Bourque, Beck, Hornqvist, SK, Forsberg, Spaling, Gaustad, Clune, Halischuk and Smith. That's 13 right there. That's not including a guy like Yip who might be re-signed as an UFA. Same goes for Butler. That's 15. Add in the possible top 5 pick and you've got 16 slots filled. Where are the spots for the young guys that are playing so hard? While it's great that Henderson, Bang and some others are getting a chance, they are not part of the future. They are playing for jobs in someone else's organization and hurting ours long term.

Like I said, if me wanting the team to tank makes me a bad fan, so be it. I can handle the name calling but if we can land an elite talent, do it. If it means our guys have to suck, so be it. What I don't want is guys playing hard to move us up in the standings and these are the same guys that will be on our roster instead of a better player. Let's see, whoohooo, Henderson and Bang and others are playing hard and we lose out on a Mackinnon or Drouin. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Crappy 4th line guys instead of an elite forward. Yeah. Let's do that and be the little train that could but at the end of the day can't because we don't have the horses to do it. We finally have a chance to land what we've all been wanting and we sit here and argue over semantics of how we're going to get there? Big freaking deal, lose a few games. It's looking at the big picture and not at the short term. It's a rosy feeling winning the last home game but I'd rather have a stud in our lineup next year then last nights win.

Sorry if this comes off as pessimistic but I want a top 3 forward to pair with what we already have up front and if that makes me a jerk or pessimistic, so be it. Top 3 forward or bust.

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