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04-24-2013, 01:53 PM
Only a 2 year window
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Originally Posted by pricer502 View Post
I mentioned this around the trade deadline. Pretty sure none of us are Blues executives nor are we privy to insider information. Alot of you think you know whats going on but you have no idea. I said the Blues were not done after the Leopold trade and got laughed at and told there is no way they were brining on any more cap. Turns out they did and they brought on a huge contract that many said we can't afford. To claim we have to go deep in the playoffs or be the lower seed in the first round to almost guanrtee 3 home games becuase we need the extra revenue to be competitive next year is ridiculous.
Again, this is just a really pitiful rebuttal to the need cash argument. All you did was label the idea of needing more cash as "ridiculous" because we're not privy to the internal financials.

No, you're right, this team has all the money it needs to do whatever. Excellent reply.

Yeah, it's official, the play-LAers have literally no response to that very real need. They just say it's equally likely we match up well against LA as any other team just because playoffs are hard. Yeah, just like last year, LA played San Jose on the final two days of the regular season to determine which drew Vancouver and which drew the Blues. And there really was no difference in the playoff matchups of those two opponents. Right? Exactly the same. We'd have probably beaten LA in round 1 and gotten steamrolled by the Sharks in round 2. Right? Yeah, excellent argument there. Also who knows how rich an organziation the Blues really are? Evidence for this: none of us own the team and therefore it's unknowable and equally likely they're super flush with cash as they are a budget team. No, seriously, keep it coming, this stuff is gold.

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