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Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
Yes, I'm referring to his floor. I think a realistic ceiling is a good #2 rather than a true franchise defenseman (in the sense that he does everything well, but few things exceptionally, and perhaps doesn't have the tools to truly take over a game), but I'd be happy to be proven wrong, assuming that he's wearing the Orange and Black.

One thing I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out from the scouting reports, though, is whether RR is considered to be a good skater for his size, or a true "plus" skater--a la Coburn.
I think a lot of people are underestimating Ristolainen and jumping on the hype bandwagon that is Nurse. Nurse could very well end up as a more physical Coburn. His hockey sense is still a bit questionable but his increased offensive output this year and exceptional athletic ability has shot him thru the roof in the rankings. Ristolainen has been ranked as a top 10 pick going on two years now so he bares the burden of being a known entity much like Couturier was. He doesn't have the "wow" factor but he also has been playing against men the last two years, not teenagers. Finland's disastrous world juniors performance didn't help. Ristolainen has all the tools just not the remarkable athletic ability of Jones or Nurse. Any one of those guys could be an elite #1. It all depends on decision making at the speed of the NHL game which can not be replicated and is often a guess by evaluators. That is why so many supposed franchise defensemen end up as unremarkable and so many of the best guys come from the later rounds. Personally I think Ristolainen's floor is a #2 defensemen with the chance, like every other defensemen taken, of being a #1.

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