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04-24-2013, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by SchennSational1022 View Post
Do you think the organization is dead set on Schenn being a center? With Laughton coming up next year we need to move him to center. I am the biggest Schenn fan on this board and realize he struggled this year on the wing, but he can learn. He's a smart player and if you can play good at center I think you'll think the game through even better at wing. Him and Couturier had some serious chemistry in the AHL this year. He needs to be moved to wing!!

Hartnell G Voracek
Schenn Couturier Simmonds
Gagne Laughton Read
Rinaldo Talbot Rosehill/other 4th line player we sign (I'm probably forgetting somebody obvious for this spot )

Those are 3 great lines and I think Couturier would find his game next to Schenn. I think if we don't move Schenn to the wing one of Couturier/Laughton will have to move too seeing as the latter two are DEFINITE centers, unlike Schenn.

Thoughts? I think Brayden will be just fine at wing, even though he's played center all season, besides starting on G's wing, which granted he did look bad.
I would love to see Schenn and Couts on the 2nd line together. It'll take him some adjusting to, but after trying it out a bit this year and hopefully working on it over the summer, he should be more comfortable in that role next year. He mind as well get used to it, we have 3 young centermen to fill that 2nd line role. If they want to stay, someone will ultimately end up converting to wing.

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