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Originally Posted by Lost Horizons View Post
They'll be a million excuses to come out. I bet the one they'll hit on(whether it's true or not) is he was bullied in school after 9/11 because he was Muslim. So be prepared for the anti bullying pro tolerance people to latch onto that one.
Yeah, they're just the worst.

Did people actually read the article? I did, and read

It was inevitable, then, that questions would be raised about whether Tsarnaev's brain may have been similarly traumatized during the years he boxed, and if there had indeed been damage, did that spark his murderous behavior? The answer is a likely yes to the first part and a likely no to the second.

"The Boston bombing was a planned attack," says Dr. Robert Cantu, also of Boston University and co-director of the Encephalopathy Center. "There were lots of explosive devices put together in a very premeditated way. There was no flipping out here, no impulsiveness. That's not what you see with CTE in younger people."

That doesn't mean Tsarnaev didn't have brain trauma related to his boxing. "I think he did," Cantu says. It's just that it may not have caused his criminal behavior.
Doesn't look like anyone is coming up with excuses or anything to me, but what do I know.

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