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Originally Posted by LeBlondeDemon10 View Post
IDK. Think you are reading too much between the lines? He just seems like a starry eyed teenage girl when talking about 99. He keeps it to hockey and avoids the personal stuff, whatever that may be. We can speculate all we want, but I don't think there is much there. How do you develop a relationship with anyone you idolize? I don't think its possible until you drop the idolizing. If there is any rift between them, its half of Luc's responsibility too. He does refer to learning that Gretzky became just like another guy to him. Maybe Luc's miffed that his fantasy was shattered? Many of us never get to meet our idols and the fantasy stays alive well into adulthood/old age.
Whoever wrote Searching for Bobby Orr also wrote a Gretzky book, and that's where I got Robitaille idolizing Gretzky to the point where he had difficulty practicing with him because he was trying too hard to be perfect.

That's probably why they didn't play together at ES very much until 1993 or so.

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