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04-24-2013, 02:42 PM
Only a 2 year window
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Originally Posted by pricer502 View Post
It means that they can afford JBow plus the FA they consider to crucial to sign in the offseason or they wouldn't have made the deal. So yes the fact that they went out and made that trade leads me to believe we are doing ok and will continue to do just fine. But I can't be sure either becuase like I said no one knows besides the ownership group/execs
How the heck does being a budget team that spends an extra 6.68M make it MORE LIKELY there's MORE money to spend? Your argument is basically that spending 6.68M means the Blues probably have EVEN MORE money, and you just cover that opinion by stating (duh) that we're not owners so how could we know.

By the way. Since we're calling each other out for past opinions and that's a little game you want to play, how bout you stand up for this one? What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Sure, it wouldn't be an immediate stand-up like I did for my opinion, but it's never too late! If we get a new owner there's NO DOUBT the Blues make a big splash in free agency during the summer. Not even 80-90% ... 100%, no doubt! And they didn't. So good job there. I guess it varies with whether you're you or you're me when it comes to stating with total confidence what the owners will do.

I believe the Blues are legitimately a top 6 team in the enitre league this year, but lets be honest we don't have the financial resources to bring someone in to make a huge impact at the trade deadline. Therefore I say lets role with what we got and take our chances this year. It kinda seems like one of those special years like the Cardianls had where things are falling into place for us. In my opinion we should save our resources and cap space for an offseason move for Parise or Weber. If we get a new owner there is no doubt we will be signing a big time free agent in the offseason with the year we are having this year. Give Perron, Oshie, Bergulnd, Petro, and Stewart one more year to develop, plus add a big time free agent and I believe next year could be our year. That being said, Im curious if you could choose what would you rather have, a big time d-man like Weber or an imapct forward like Parise?

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