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04-24-2013, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Cabwaylingo View Post
Way to misinterpret what I was saying. Never said we're done in the playoffs
I don't think he was accusing you of saying that. That's not at all what I got out of it.

Originally Posted by Cabwaylingo View Post
just that we can't expect to clinch home ice now with Brown out.
This is the part he was commenting on. Brown is not such an essential player that our hopes of winning home ice literally ride on his back. It's likely, even expected, that other players can and will step up in his stead for two measly games. Of course he is an important player and his loss would show statistically over the course of many games, but his presence for one or two games simply isn't a make-or-break proposition.

Originally Posted by Cabwaylingo View Post
And they really were in a position for home ice until they decided to **** the bed...
Well... exactly. Greene and Mitchell were, aside from Drew, our most important defensemen last year and throughout the playoffs. They were missing for almost the whole season and yet... here we are! Trying to clinch home ice!

Other players step up and play hard to compensate. That was his point.

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