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09-10-2006, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by EmptyNetter View Post
After the Stanley Cup is awarded, the final 16 teams are given their draft order based on their playoff performance.

As for the number of draft rounds, I think it depends on how many players are draft eligible that year. Divide that number of players by 30 (each draft round has 30 selections, one spot for each team) and you've got the number of draft rounds. There's often about 9 rounds but I've heard of draft years with 11th round selections.
Both of these statements are incorrect.

The 16 playoff teams are placed in order of finish with division winners receiving the last 6 spots, again in order of finish. Then, the cup winner is given the 30th pick and all teams with picks after the winner are moved up one spot.

There are 7 rounds in the NHL draft currently. It used to be 9 up until the new CBA, and was longer before that (1994 was the last draft with more than 9 rounds).

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