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04-24-2013, 05:24 PM
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It already seems already that NHL teams change their jersey every 3-5 seasons (apologies for exaggeration, that's what it seems like). I think that's the reason why the 3rd jerseys seem to have such quick overturn. I do agree with others we aren't far from a small upper shoulder patch for ads in the near future. As far as changing every year or two-my (admittedly totally probably uniformed) speculation is that the economics are a bit different between the two sports-just get the feeling there's a lot more people/money around and being spent (I'm sure there's an economic word for it lol) for Football/Soccer in Europe compared to over here. Soccer in Europe seems to be like NHL in Canada/certain us cities. I mean, if the NHL had every team with a Canadian rabid type fanbase-then yes I could see the economics in play as the NHL would probably be having NFL type of revenues. With that "smaller" economics, I'm not sure the scenario would happen.

I just KNOW I didn't get myself across clearly here and I'm going to pay for it

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