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Originally Posted by Kurt Russell Crowe View Post
Little OT, but why do most(?) German clubs put the player's name under the number and club name above?
well in my team's case (shown above) they only changed it and put the team name above in the off-season. The reasoning was that the club should always be more important than the player, so they put the team name above... I liked it better before honestly:

Why they put the team name on there at all (I know english clubs don't), no idea how it developed.

Originally Posted by Burke the Legend View Post
I never get why major sports teams decide to cheapen their brands by dilluting them with someone elses brand? You're talking about a 50+ million revenue business here where branding is fairly important to bring in revenue, so why the hell would you dillute it with some corporate logo? It's like coca-cola sticking an Apple logo ontop of theirs just cuz apple pays them some money? crazy

The European soccer team that figures it out and ditches the corporate sponsorship and instead makes a beautiful jersey with their own logo prominent instead will reap some serious rewards.
Well jersey ads bring a significant part of revenue, and I don't think brands are diluted in any way.

Imagine a soccer jersey with a team logo on the belly, I wouldn't wear that.

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