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04-24-2013, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by htk30 View Post
Kreider's total ice time this season (in 21 GP) is roughly 210 minutes. So his average ice time/game is around 10 minutes. However he hasn't played more than 9 minutes in a single game in all of April. In comparison, Pyatt's average ice time/game is about 15-17 minutes a night. Pyatt has played in twice as many games and managed 7 points more than Kreider (Pyatt is 6-4-10, Kreider is 2-1-3). Imagine if Kreider was consistently given 15-17 minutes a night, even with subpar linemates? He may even be able to produce or find his groove in a game.
What the hell are you talking about? Prior to last night (where Pyatt played well and deserved more shifts), Taylor Pyatt has not gotten more than 15 minutes in a single game since March 3rd and has received fewer than 11 minutes in 12 of the last 17 games. Pyatt was getting more icetime earlier in the season, but he was also playing very well for a lot of that time and it was during the cluster**** of injuries and incompetence and losing where Tortorella was trying any sort of combination hoping for a spark.


If you went to work an 8-hour shift at a new job and were still getting acclimated to your superiors, co-workers, and the workload, how much would you learn if your boss sent you home 30 minutes into your shift after you made a couple mistakes? What if that happened for a week straight? After that week, you were sent to another branch of the company and given extra responsibilities and you thrived. You then get brought back to the original branch, but were given even less time to work. Do you really think that's a good way to learn and become comfortable at a job?
Gee, I don't know. Why don't you ask Michael Del Zotto? Remember when Tortorella started limiting his minutes once he started making mistakes and then ultimately decided to ship him to Hartford for the rest of the year? It was the same crap with this fanbase about how his confidence would be ruined and Torts wasn't giving him a fair shot and all that kind of stuff. Yet somehow, even though he didn't like it then, he ended up a better player because of it. Some players have to take the harder route to the NHL. Remember when everyone was giving the Leafs **** about their handling of Kadri? He broke out this year. Will Kreider do the same in his career? Maybe, maybe not. But enough with this **** about Tortorella ruining his career because he won't play him after mistakes. If this was November then I guarantee Tortorella absolutely would let him play through them. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury this year with the shortened season. We're in the final month of the season and we're clinging by the hair on our nuts to a playoff spot. Now isn't the time to let Kreider make mistakes. Does it suck? Yes. Is it anyone's fault? No. Maybe Bettman, if you want.

You don't send an employee home because they make mistakes during training or their first few shifts, but you also don't give the new, untrusted employee important roles during the prime hours on Black Friday, either.

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