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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
which is why there is only one answer to the question "put together the perfect hockey player," you know the kind where people say gretzky's vision, with mario's long arms and stickhandling and wrist shot, with coffey's skating, with gainey's defense, with chopper's slapper, with jagr's butt, with kocur's fists, etc. etc.

the only proper answer is bobby orr with gordie howe's knees.
Why would you use Gainey's defense?

There have been hundreds of defensemen who are better defensively (or at least more impactful) than Gainey was. Why not "Lidstrom's defense" or "Harvey's defense"?

Also... Jagr's butt? If you mean strength and puck protection, you mean "core/lower body".

Also, prefer Fedorov's skating; Gartner and maybe prime Coffey had faster top-end speed without the puck in a straight line... but Bure's the only guy who came close to Fedorov's speed and agility WITH the puck. With those two, it's as if the puck didn't even affect their speed at all; completely unreal.

Also, as far as "Kocur's fists", I think you mean "Probert's fists, and Kocur's right arm". And don't forget Howe's elbows.

Also, you forgot "Konstantinov's hips" and "Stevens' shoulders", as well as "Macoun's beard".

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