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04-24-2013, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
Yes, it's a flawed stat, and you're using it incorrectly.

You can't simply say "Oh he's +11, that sucks" as a flat statement and pass it off as truth. For one, you would be wrong. There aren't a tremendous amount of forwards above +10 on non-playoff teams. More importantly, though, you can't use +/- this way because it is a meaningless stat unless put into context.

Context in this case is a comparison to his teammates. He has the second highest +/- of any forward on Rockford. That is more than acceptable.
The "his defense sucks" garbage has become absurdly overstated. Yes, he's not Toews. Of course, he's not the the defensive disaster that was 07-08 Kane.
It seems as if a number of posters are going to yell "zomg his defense sucks" every time they hear Pirri's name, without ever acknowledging that he may have improved his game this season. I know, I'm just preaching heresy right now. Unheard-of stuff.

He's a scoring forward. He scores points. And Rockford is pretty mediocre. A +11 from a forward on that team - judging by the +/- of the team's forwards in general - is pretty damn solid.
Agreed. Incredibly solid.

The best forwards out there don't really need to be great two-way players if they're smart enough to keep the puck in the offensive zone with good to average linemates. If you can cycle the puck like the Sedins or Crosby + you'll always have a good +/-.

It's actually kind of funny that Pirri's +/- is so good AND being used to argue he's bad defensively considering where Kruger, Shaw, and Leddy were in terms of +/-

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