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04-24-2013, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
I think all of your comparisons are quite spot on, although I'd contend that while you classify them as depth players, I think all of them are looked to and counted on as primary scoring threats.
They are secondary scoring players on their respective teams. 2nd line players.

I think we'll agree that the difference is the coaching. The blues, Sharks, and Kings, to my knowledge, tend to have more traditional, set 1st, 2nd, 3rd lines. Torts seems to prefer 3 balanced scoring lines, and Callahan is always going to be on the one that gets more ice time, and he should be. He scores at a 30 goal or higher pace, and he's been doing it consistently (please, don't bring up Clarkson. His year was an an abberation, and everyone knows it).
Sharks don't really have that. They also have 3 undefined lines that constantly get juggled. Don't really watch the Blues, but the Kings do have fixed set lines. Kopitar is their 1C and Richards won't overtake him in ice time.

And that's exactly my point, on real teams, he'd get his ice time cut by 4-5 mins. But he is the catalyst on this team unfortunately.

The only other scorer we have who has a history of putting pucks in the net at that pace is Nash, and currently, while Stepan has been ripping **** apart, he's shooting at a 15.5% average, good for 68th in the league. But, this includes players who have 2 goals on 20 shots, so among shooters with over 100 shots, he has the 10th highest percetnage in the entire league He's only behind Kunitz, Carter, Stamkos, Tlusty, Vorachek, Brower, Taveres, PAP, and Kane. It's incredible, but can we continue to count on this?

a 30 goal scorer on any team is more than support. We tried building the team off of high end talent, and it didn't work, so it looks like we're going back to the "meh up top, solid through the middle" philosophy of forward corps building.
He is a great support player and probably one of the better ones in the league. But there is no way in hell a team looking for cup aspirations should have Callahan, a winger who hasn't broken 60 pts as their leading ice time getter. No way. He is what is quite wrong with this team, mediocre relative to other top forwards.

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