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Originally Posted by AtrickhayOrnqvistpay View Post
So how do we get better? Getting a top 5 in multiple years won't do it. Having a good team in place and getting a top 5 won't do it. How the f are we supposed to build a team then? It's like people have to justify why this won't work and why this won't work but adding a top 5 talent to this team is a bad idea. Tell me then what we're supposed to do to get to the next level because what the team has done in the past hasn't worked and any suggestions some of us around here make are obviously wrong and stupid so I'm all ears as to how to make our team better next year and for the next 10 years and allow us to compete for the Cup.
So you want to suck long enough to get those years of early picks like the Pens, Hawks, and Kings did? Granted, the Kings moved most of those early picks, but, they did get them then traded them for pieces used later.

Maybe we can follow the Caps' model and get three top five picks in a four year span, including a #1 overall, with nothing much more to show than we have. Or the Oilers route with three consecutive #1 overall picks with another lottery pick this year. Seen Stamkos winning much for Tampa? Me neither. If Central Scouting rankings were accurate projections of future performance, the late round picks would never develop and every first rounder would excel. That simply isn't the case. It takes a lot to get the right player into a situation where they are able to put up good individual numbers while contributing to team success.

This year's draft has several forwards projected to contribute in the first season or two ... plenty of options. Poile and Fenton need to pick the best fit available no matter if we pick first or eighth. The option of trading the pick is there as well depending on what gets offered. Just for laughs, I looked back at the 1998 pre-draft evaluations. USA Today called some kid named Legwand the "Best skater and scorer in the draft" while Central Scouting called him "always a threat to score"... just some perspective on the rankings and projections of these kids. Last time we picked a top five level offensive talent was some headcase that kept slipping down the draft board then bolted while under contract ... again, perspective.

Forsberg shows promise, but needs more development. It will be interesting to see how he performs after a full off season in the system and a preseason on NA ice. Smith is a potential trade move ... glimpses of talent but extremely inconsistent. Beck, Bourque, Wilson all stepped up this year ... so we're not looking at a bare cupboard up front. SK is playing himself to the third line ... too much lazy play in spite of the talent he shows from time to time ... if he doesn't get traded. The big question is if Wilson is able to continue his progression and become a true top line winger. If so, we need one decent move on the FA or trade market to bring in another top 3/6 forward ... either center or winger. Contrary to rants, both Fisher and Legwand are capable of putting up first line center numbers as evidenced last year when both were in the top 30 scorer for their position. Legwand is currently tied with Mike Richards and Henrik Sedin for goals scored this season (24th). They do have more assists, but, we could debate all day how much of that is Legwand and how much is the decimated lineup we've skated for so much of this season.

On the back end, we need to look for a #4 d-man to challenge or replace Bartley. One of Ellis and Blum are tradeable for the right price ... not just to move them for the sake of moving one. Weber, Josi, Klein for the top three, FA/trade or an improved Bartley at #4 .... with Bartley (if replaced on the second pair), Blum, Ellis, Gill, Ekholm rounding out the bottom pairing

Then the last decision is what to do about the backup goalie. Promote from within or sign a FA?

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