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04-24-2013, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Neely08 View Post
If people knew what companies like Craft actually do, they would be laughing. Security contractors specialize in security. Not blowing up marathons. They're hired by companies overseas to protect civilians in high risk places. Our military is not a security service, and therefore cannot provide these services.

Their employees often possess rare skill sets attained through years of military and combat experience, very few in law enforcement possess. Therefore they offer training to law enforcement. I know everyone expects former military personnel like SEALs, Army SF, Rangers to go back to a civilian job instead of earning a living using the skills they have honed over a life of service. That's your opinion. Then there's reality.

People need to grow the **** up.
My post wasnt implying that they did it. It was just strange to see them there. I guess suspicious was the wrong to use. It was more like they were out of place.

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