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04-24-2013, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Championship View Post
Expecting one team to replicate the success of another just because on the outside they seem to be in a similar position is crazy. We aren't the Kings. We're the Rangers. What this team is is what this team is.
And the Kings were a legit eighth seed? Clearly, they weren't.

Look, for most of the year, this team has left me underwhelmed, frustrated, and extremely disappointed. That being said, this is still a shortened abomination of a season, and this team has undergone significant roster change, as did LA last summer and through the year. I think a lot of the freak out in this thread is extremely irrational and shortsighted. We're coming off 3 great wins in a row, one would think after a great stretch that maybe the fans wouldn't lose their ****ing minds after a 1 goal loss in which the Rangers outshot the opponent 35-14...but, no, people have to flip out and overreact to ONE game. Yeah, I realize that the Panthers are the worst team in the league, but people are acting as if the Panthers would just roll over and die. Unfortunately, the Rangers were unable to capitalize on their 1st period chances, and the Panthers got a lucky bounce to get the first goal. As I said earlier in the thread, I thought Lundqvist could have been better. After that goal went in, the Panthers were pretty much just trapping and keeping the Rangers to the perimeter - and, let's give them credit, they did a great job of it, and Markstrom made the saves he needed to make. The same can't be said of Lundqvist last night.

The Islanders lost to the Hurricanes, the second worst team in the East, the same exact night. I don't see Islanders fans losing their ****, and I don't see any of us lambasting them for it.

By the way - this team is 8-3-1 in April. LA was 10-4-1 in March of last season, the homestretch. Rangers could easily end up 10-3-1.


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