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04-24-2013, 07:21 PM
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He the most obnoxious journalist out there. Take the "average" HF Member, give him a job as a journalist at La Presse, and you'll get Mathias Brunet.

Overrates the value of prospects as soon as they're "prospects"
Can't accept anything that has to do with criticizing Price
Comes back right to the fans and almost calls them idiot after one decent game from Price
And then, several other ******** he puts up

I wasn't as big on Price as others were to start the season, and now that everyone's down on him, I'm not as down as everybody on him at this point. I'm not letting journalism like his influence my opinion on players. But some fans do, and I can tell you this kind of journalism makes a LOT of fans grow into Price haters.
I can't say I agree with you.

He does overrate prospects but so do 90 % of the posters on this board. And some, if not most, overrate them way more than Mathias does.

He likes Price. Fine. He has an opinion and he stands by it. What is the problem with that ? You prefer somebody like Bergeron who goes on and says X player is the best on the team and then wants to trade him a week later ?

Mathias Brunet is actually a good journalist. When he writes an article you can always see the research behind it. Statistics, quote, facts, they are always there. Few sports journalists were doing as much research before he started working at LaPresse. I don't think I would be wrong saying he inspired part of the new generation of sport journalism.

He did have a few brainfarts in his career (Hossa's gloves !) but his judgement has usely been dead on. For example, I remember him being one of the first to say something was wrong with Fischer. He got destroyed on this board for this many, many times. Turns out he was right.

As for the article you are quoting, I think you overreact. The funniest part is that he's actually only stating facts... and I don't see anything wrong with this.

I feel you are a member who likes double standards. Let's write about each Bozon's goal without mentionning who he is playing with. But don't you dare put the Bulldogs statistics without mentionning they were one of the youngest team in the league...

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