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04-24-2013, 07:28 PM
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Been coming to HF for a little while (Since I found out just how crazy the asylum actually is), don't post much but I figured to add on of these that I didn't know existed until just now!

Name: Dan
Age: 22
Sex: M
Birthplace: STL, Oakville
Hometown: STL
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
Mode of Transportation: 2011 Civic, Trek Bicycle
Job: Currently an Intern at a film and TV production company.
How and when you became a Blues fan: Birth
Favorite current Blues player: Shatty Dueces
Favorite all-time Blues player: Al Macinnis
Favorite active non-Blues player: John Tavares
Favorite all-time non-Blues player: Sakic
Your Definitive Blues Moment: Playoffs last year, I was at the Blues/Sharks game they opened the Roman Polak door. It. Was. Awesome.
Music You Listen To: Alot. Not a fan of much new music these days. I can play almost any instrument you put in front of me.
Favorite Band(s): RX Bandits, Beatles, Incubus. I've got alot of range.
Favorite Movie(s): Geesh this is getting personal. Fight Club, Truman Show, Forrest Gump, Se7en, American History X. Many, many more.
Favorite Food: Anything that is terrible for your body. Lots of Beer
Favorite Beer (I added this one because it is important): IPA's are my favorite style, but currently I am on a Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale kick.
Favorite TV Show: Friends, SOA, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Legends of the Hidden Temple
Hobbies: Playing music, seeing live music/comedy, drinking, Blues obviously, playing pick-up games when I can.

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