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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Thank you, and best wishes to your father-in-law. I suppose the reason I'm not more advanced in tennis is that I took up the game at age 58. My father died of cancer that year, I was depressed, and I needed a new interest to take my mind off it. I signed up for an adult education tennis course and after a few months I switched to a tennis clinic. My progress was uneven. I learned to hit a good forehand but the backhand eluded me. I didn't want to use a two-hander, which all the women favored, so for years I hit only a slice backhand. This irked my instructors but I was stubborn. I maneuvered to get to the net as soon as possible to minimize exposing my backhand in rallies.When I play against old men who like to use drop shots. I frustrate them by being able to reach the ball and dink it over the net, out of reach. I was able to play this way at my age because I was naturally very fast and hadn't developed knee problems. The only concession I've had to make was to stop playing singles because I'd get out of breath too quickly. I'm competitive by nature and when opponents went headhunting while I was at the net I would take racquetball glasses out of my tennis bag (to protect my eyes) and hammer forehands in return. I didn't really want to cause injury, so if the offender's doubles partner tended to hug the net I would warn him off. Occasionally, if the headhunter hit a weak second serve, I might humiliate him by hitting a short return with sidespin in front of him or else lob over his partner's head.

I used to be a tournament chess player but gave up the game the year after I got married because there was no money it and it took up too much time. My style was aggressive. I didn't avoid complications despite not being able to calculate to the end. My younger brother called my approach "gangster chess."

I react negatively to male authority figures. A former colleague of mine termed me "a rebel in a gray flannel suit" because I conformed only outwardly. I was fired a few times in my career but not because of incompetence. I couldn't last on a sports team with a tyrannical coach--not that I was ever good enough to be on one. Did I play hockey? Not really. I didn't skate well and my shot was weak. I get vicarious enjoyment from watching others excel at it. One of my sons played intramural hockey in college. Like his father, he wasn't a good skater.
I think I already insulted you, damn I feel ashamed.

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but but youre not even 10 years old
I've played a high level for my age

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