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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I might be off. I probably am. Wouldn't be the first time. Call this one as one of them if you like. But as of now, I stand by what I think. Seen him live quite often. Some on TV as well. And a few on the Net. Might have catched the average games only. Just like it happened with Hudon in his draft year. It's immensely tough to judge a d-man who's so much bigger than everybody else in the league. I try to put everything in perspective as far as development is concerned. I'd love to know what the scouts you are talking about think of him. If you can share those reports, that would be great.
A lot of them see him as a 1st round pick in the 20's, there is even talk iof the late teens. He's seen a lot like Tinordi was 2+ years ago, elite shut down d-man with size + toughness. Others see him as a "good" Komisarek, big mean punishing stay at home slotted #3-4. I don't know of any that see him less than that, but there could be. Other than the top 10 picks, there can be a large variance from scout to scout.

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