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04-24-2013, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Zil View Post
How has his play been timid? He hasn't looked timid since his first stint with us this season. Since then he's either looked good or gotten so little ice time that it's impossible to make a call.

I'm so sick of this garbage argument. This team just lost to the Panthers twice. They have a demonstrated lack of finishers in the lineup. They need more offensive punch. Flipping Kreider with Pyatt isn't taking some huge risk. It's not going to ruin whatever secret mojo you think the team has going for it right now.

The fact is that while they got a lot of shots on goal last night they generated very little traffic in front of the net, showed very little capability to break through the Panthers' collapsing defense, and generated very few quality scoring chances. If we're going to have any shot to actually do anything this season we need to take a "gamble" and give Kreider a legitimate chance.
Zil you have been spot on in both this thread and the Torts thread.

I'm quite sick of the second argument as well that you quoted. This isn't the time to be experimenting? When will that time come? Next season? I'm sure some excuse will arise as to why he has to play on the 4th line with crap hockey players. It's always something else with the Torts lovers here as well as the babying of Kreider. This team has struggled to score ALL YEAR LONG. ALL YEAR. We had a chance to clinch last night. We were playing a poor panthers team that had already beat us on our own ice this year. Hold on let me emphasize that a little more, we were playing a Panthers team that is en route to a last place finish in the NHL. We couldn't spare 4-5 shifts of Kreider playing with Richards or Brassard? C'mon that's just utterly ridiculous. Richards is currently shifting between being our 2nd and 3rd line center. Being that, I really refuse to believe having Kreider get shifts in the 1st and 2nd period on the 3rd line with richards who has been playing better, would hurt the team in the game last night against the last place panthers.

It's comical because for some reason last year in the PLAYOFFS as the 1ST PLACE TEAM, Torts did just that, playing Kreider in the top 9 in the 1st and 2nd periods, and then limiting his ice time in the 3rd to hold leads. I mentioned this earlier today, but are we still going to ignore Kreider got all of his goals in the 1st and 2nd periods in the playoffs? I actually think he had one in the 3rd against the Devils, which I believe was on the PP* albeit with a dish pass from Anisimov. Now Torts is worried about Kreider making mistakes? Now he's not good enough to play in the top 9? He took his demotion this year and improved his game. He went down to CT and SCORED GOALS. Yeah goals, that thing this team lacks. But his reward is being called up and having his ass planted on the 4th line with offensively challenged players.

I'm sick of it. Absolutely sick of it. Let the damn kid get minutes with Richards and Zucc. Take a damn chance. Kreider is a sniper. He is a scorer. Gaborik and Nash were your pure goal scorers. You traded one. The big argument after last season was Gaborik needed someone to take the load off him. We go get Nash. We traded Gaborik, more because of his contract than anything else; you need to replace that player type.

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