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Originally Posted by compile View Post
He would have a point if the Habs had no cap room, but in reality they have $3.3m remaining, if you subtract Drewiske they would have had 3.9ish. More then enough to sign a good dman or forward.

It makes absolutely no sense to have a revolving door for goalies.
Consider Kaberle gone this summer as well and we can sign good free agents.

Habs are in a good cap position for now and years to come because it will reasonably go up.

Originally Posted by E = CH²
Why not though? Why is it a problem specifically ?

Because then you don't know what to expect from year to year ? But if you pay top dollar for one guy, it doesn't guarantee results either unless the guy you're paying is Lundqvist. So is that really a good argument ?

And it makes absolutely no sense to have a steady overpaid goalie who isn't playing to his contract either.

Besides, let's not exaggerate either. Not wanting to invest 5-6M in your goaltending doesn't mean changing both of your goalies every year either. The term revolving door is a bit strong in what it portrays.
It pretty much does. No goalie with potential to be good is going to sign long term for minimal salary. You'll end up with one or two year contract goalies that you end up having to let go once they do good because they'll ask for the moon afterwards (especially in a high profile market like Montreal). The risk of having to constantly throw assets away to find that one good cheap goalie is also non-negligible. Furthermore high salary goalies, like Price, can usually play the vast majority of the season leaving only a few easy games to the backup. Thus the backup is paid minimal salary which is rarely the case when you count on a cheap no1 goaltender as you need a good backup for insurance.

There is another problem with the ''cheap goalie'' system - sometimes its difficult to know who the no1 really is and it does lead to a revolving door, especially in Montreal. Goalie controversies galore. Anyone remember the Huet era?

Anyways have some damn confidence in Price people. He's having problems but nothing he can't fix. Nothing permanent. Trading Price (the very idea makes me chuckle) only makes sense if we have a very strong goalie prospect pool. Sadly we might have the worse in the NHL.

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