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04-24-2013, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
A lot of them see him as a 1st round pick in the 20's, there is even talk iof the late teens. He's seen a lot like Tinordi was 2+ years ago, elite shut down d-man with size + toughness. Others see him as a "good" Komisarek, big mean punishing stay at home slotted #3-4. I don't know of any that see him less than that, but there could be. Other tahn the top 10 picks, there can be a large variance from scout to scout.
Mind you, I'm not too far off.....We can't say that neither Komisarek or Tinordi are offensive forces. Morin is indeed a rookie but in his 2nd year. Offensive numbers didn't improve that much, though numberwise, he had a good playoffs. Now remains to be seen whether he'll be #4 or #5. I didn't see Morin fight that much this year, only remember a Diaby vs Morin fight that I saw and while Diaby isn't exactly a great fighter, Morin had a whole lot of trouble against him. But through You Tube, you see him Ko'ed a couple of guys though Etchegary and the other guy...we can't say are fighters. He is tough. And big. Good skater for his size. He will be top 2 rounds obviously. I just believed that at the rank we will be slotted in, we will have better choices.

Mind you...I'm TOTALLY expecting we'd pick some locals. So having Morin on board, would be fine with me. We will see who is still there, I will just be expecting though that we might have missed a greater upside. Remains to be seen.

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