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Originally Posted by Gresch04 View Post
Whenever I read "hands down" I always know it's debatable.

While I never saw Orr, I get the mystique and the brilliance of his game - especially being a defensemen. But, Gretz exceeds the next best player, statistically, by the largest margin of any other sport. He has more assists than Messier has total points. No one is "hands down" better than Gretz. Is Orr/Gretz a great debate? Sure. It's just silly to state "hands down" as if it makes your OPINION somehow a fact.

BACK on topic...

This pathetic list clearly explains why we have TWO fricken' cups in 73 years. What a legacy of mediocrity. The Penguins currently have two centers who make our top 5 all-time, maybe top 3 (and they have 4 players over the last 20 years better than any player in our "storied" history).
Nice post. Agree with you 100% on the state of a franchise historically.
The "hands down" is a figure of speech more than anything else and I agree with you there also.

To bad you aren't old enough to have seen Orr's career, especially the earlier years before all the devastating knee injuries. He was a once in a lifetime talent, better than any player I've seen.

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