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04-24-2013, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by The Great Ones View Post
Then it's likely not going to happen. Why does he think they'd change their minds now?
For what it's worth I've been conversing with a gentleman on the Sportsnet boards about the subject and he's pretty confident that they'll go ahead. He figures that this is just a last ditch effort to convince the provincial government. Here's what he had to say yesterday when I asked about the latest development.

Do you mind me asking where your info on the situation comes from? You can PM me about it. Just curious.
No trouble and no need for PM. I'm happy to share as much as I'm willing to share in an open forum in this thread.

Truth be told I'm a senior executive within a mid-level revenue generating corporation located within the DT core. The majority of my business involves both public and private sector interests. Im a member of the Alberta Chamber of Commerce and an active participant in the DT Businesss Association, sit on a number of committee's and also play an active role in the community I live in located Central West close ish to the river valley. As a result I 'hear stuff' and get some info here and there from fairly credible sources both within my business and private life.

I am not directly affiliated with the NHL, Oilers, Rexall, Katz or the Arena development proper. Myself and my company do stand to benefit significantly in the development along with every other DT business.

Hopefully that clears things up a bit.

Anyway, I think Ive been fairly accurate and quite honest about what I know and do not know within this thread which I started MANY years ago. I dont like to post rumour and tend to go with the "Stuff I hear" as its rarely way off base.
He's been pretty credible over the course of this entire ordeal. He posted about negative developments regarding the project last October before The Katz Group made their demands.

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