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04-25-2013, 12:02 AM
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Rollercoaster Award There can be only one. If you need to ask, you haven't been paying attention.

Chicken Little Award - TBD. I think you need a good year or two of the club doing well to track that. Count this as half a year.

Bill Masterton Memorial Poster Award - I haven't been here long enough to know who came back, and who is the same old sad sack.

Woodward and Bernstein Camper. In between his "Martin for President" posts, he also has some insight that suggests better than normal knowledge about the club. Or he knows his stuff, which I suspect is true, and simply puts 2 & 2 together better than everyone else. Either way, you all need to read his posts more.

Kevin Connolly Bunk Moreland & Trumanperro.

Jim Carrey Award Law, for the greatest humorous GDT of all time.

Steve Jobs Award Dare I say it.... Bluechip Bonzo for his unfaltering love of all things Garf and Petro. Since adding Wang to his rah rah resume (I meant to do that, it was not a stutter) it has to be him.

Bryan Trottier Award ITM, for his constant info and vids on the prospects. But there are many others like D. Rex who drop info as well in there. My hat is off to all the guys who lay out the reports in Prospects, Draft, etc. threads.

You should have a Thread Ho award, btw...

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