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04-24-2013, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Huge pass on Edler for Lucic.
Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
I'd give it a hard look and probably do the same. As much as we need Lucic, we need a player like Edler even more. I can see why some are willing to trade him. He has not been good this year. But when he's on, I think he is the most valuable piece of the puzzle for our team.
His 'bad' is on pace for 40 points...if that's his bad, yeah, I can see the hesitation to trade him.

Originally Posted by Lundface View Post
I'm all for trading Bieksa but I wouldn't trade him for Lucic. Very overrated and his contract is way to rich for us. Edler for Lucic is a terrible, terrible trade.
I think Bieksa for Lucic is actually worse for us. Garrison is showing he is able to take Edler's role, but look at our team with out Bieksa this year...unless we completely change the face of our defensive strategy, I'd argue Bieksa is worth more (to us) then Edler.

Originally Posted by live playoff hockey View Post
Hell no to Edler for Lucic.

Lucic is way more inconsistent and carries a big cap hit. We don't need that during this cap crunch, especially because of D becomes absolutely horribad.

Hamhuis bieksa
Garrison Tanev
Alberts Corrado

No depth, and Alberts as a regular is a bad idea.
Alberts seems to have turned it around (figures, it's a contract year...) but we do also have players like Sauve who haven't looked terrible. Banking on Corrado (and this isn't just me doing this) as a top six right hander might need a few more games and playoffs to ensure that he is ready, but I don't think that part is a stretch.

Originally Posted by Wheatley View Post
Yeah a big no to Lucic's 6 million dollar cap hit. I'm definitely down trading Edler though to Philly though. Lots of juicy pieces to come back in that trade
I'd be hesitant to trade Edler to Philly, mostly since we can't decide on a price.

Originally Posted by live playoff hockey View Post
this, if we were to trade Edler, something around B Schenn/Couts would spark my interest . Still would need a cheap D back though to make sure Alberts isnt in our top 6.
I don't think either of those two can hold a scented candle to what Lucic can do. A million dollar cap increase to get a forward who, admittedly when he is on, can dominate a game, add extra snarl to our top six and tutor players like Kassian a little bit, or at least push him...I don't know, that would be more worthwhile to me then Couts or Schenn.

Plus. they're only really useful if we don't intend to keep Roy...and then we have like 4 million off my roster to play with in I don't know what to make there.

Originally Posted by StanGrossman View Post
Yeah, no way on that too. We have a big inconsistent forward in Kassian, we don't need another. Edler is rounding into form here - if he continue that into the playoffs, he is way bigger an asset than a Lucic.

Aside from when Lucic is scrapping I am never really impressed by him. A lot of scowl and a whole lot of ineffective play. He's like the Kevin Bieksa of forwards, only he's a heavyweight.
Kassian's best, so far, is a 21 point season. This matches Lucic's, but at the same time, this is being matched, or slightly reduced this year. Lucic has two 60 point campaigns, and this year is close to 50 if he gets a few points, which is his "horrible" drop this season.

The fights help, as he is a step up on Kassian or Bieksa, but honestly, that's not the big reason I'd want him here.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I feel Lucic is a player that would improve our team (clearly). Would there be other packages that you feel Boston would accept, that we could work with as well, and that wouldn't create a hole elsewhere on the roster?

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