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04-25-2013, 12:34 AM
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This is not exactly a secret.. Ambien has been used heavily for years by professional athletes in every single sport. When your nervous system and hormones have to be firing on literally all cylinders starting at 7PM, don't think you're exactly coming down by midnight when it's time to go night night. Anybody that's played mens league or shinny knows this phenomeon, it's exaggerated by 10x when you're an NHL player.

The other dirty little secret is Sudafed. Players take this like candy before games to get amped up. Not to mention a variety of other pre-workout supplements/caffeine pills/you name it. Anything to get a physical edge or mental edge is what these guys' livelihood depends on. If you've seen Joe Thornton's locker on TV he has boxes of Sudafed piled up in his locker and a ton of other guys do too, not unusual for guys to have 5 Red Bulls per game night either. When you're that amped up to begin with and combine that with the highest level of physical competition possible night after night, hard not to take an Ambien unless you want to wake up for morning skate or practice with 3 or 4 hours sleep every night.

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