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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
actually, there's a huge difference... your 6Mil+ goalie pretty much guarantees you a career backup on the cheap side ala Budaj, someone not good enough to be a starter (not even an average one), meaning that if there's ONE player not living up to his potential/salary, namely the #1 G, your season is done and over with.
But then you need an expensive backup, that will want more games. The first one who's contract is up is going to leave asking for more money. Its not a long term solution.

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
While if you have ONE forward having a sucky season, there's 11 others who can contribute and help the team win. Same for D, ONE having a bad season is manageable as others can help out and you can change his "role" and icetime.
The goaltender is like any star player. Say Subban begins to ''suck'', are we going to make the playoffs next year?

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
And you can even adjust your system based on who's performing and who's not. Can't adjust to a goalie making or not making saves.
Of course, but I doubt Price is suddenly going to become an ECHL goaltender. Moot point imho, at ''worse'' he'll have a season like he had this year, which is still sufficient enough for us to finish 2nd or 4th in the East. Sure he's been quite bad lately but that could happen to anyone on a short lapse of time. You seem to assume the expensive goaltender is more likely to have a down year than the cheap one. The risks are the same, in fact the more expensive one having a down year is less likely since usually more proven and/or displaying sufficiently superior athletic&technical abilities that people consider them to be of elite stock.

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
And huh, forget about Theodore or Vokoun for a moment, think more Anderson (Bishop also), Niemi and the likes, capable goalies who have proven to be good enough to be #1 on good teams. Well these goalie average 4Mil per year...
But then you need another 3mil to get a backup goalie to support them (which does not make it cheaper, in the end0. Or maybe the goalie you acquire turns out sucking, which is even worse.

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI
example (even salaries or close) : you'd prefer 1. Price and Gorges or 2. Anderson and Karlsson ?
Its a false dichotomy. We don't have such a choice to make because we don't have Karlsson or equivalent players waiting to join us and we are not using all our cap space.

What would you prefer? Price and Gorges or Anderson (or equivalent) and Gorges? Ask the Sens board if they would refuse a Price for Anderson trade, straight up!

3mil in cap space is nothing. Its not even Kaberle. Its not even Bourque. Its not even Gionta. We can let go of a lot of dead weight before having to downgrade our goaltending if somehow we stock up on star players. There is no urgency to save 2-3mil in cap space whatsoever and we don't get better players automatically if we do it, we still need to acquire them and that is the hard part by far.

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